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Almost a year has passed since the Floods

Fishermen have left a permanent mark on our lives

Have you expressed your Gratitude



The Story

“We don’t need any money for the work we have done. How can we take a penny from the government, when so much money is needed to reconstruct the state?” asks Seldan, a fisherman who helped the rescue operations in Changanassery, Kottayam.“Even if we do get money, I will put it back in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, he adds.

“Even if we do get money, I will put it back in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Seldan, a fisherman

Seldan and his team didn’t have to think twice when they got a call from a stranger asking to help in the rescue operations. “It was pouring incessantly, there was water gushing everywhere, the undercurrent was very strong. We were not sure we would be safe. But who thinks of their own safety at a time like that? We braved the rains and just thought about rescuing people.”

However, Seldan has not been able to go back to work since he returned home. He has sprained his back. “It was an accident during the rescue operations”, said Freddie who alone has rescued about 50 to 60 people and made food available to more than 2000 others

– credits The Newsminute

The Vision

  •  Gift a life insurance worth 1 lakh to a fisherman for just ₹24.
  • Stay in touch with your new friend as a mentor, coach or just a support

Stable friendships, lasting impacts.

The Social Impact

The impact of this campaign goes beyond the insurance offered. This platform can become a connecting channel between the otherwise isolated fishermen community and a global community of positive social impact creators, thus opening up a world of opportunities through mentoring, networking and others. It will enable us to better understand the hardships of fisherman community and hence offer better support.

FRIEND SHIP is destined to act as a reminder that humanity and compassion trumps over money and influence in times of adversity as displayed by the brave efforts of these super heroes.

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